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About us

You listen but you don’t hear
You pass by but you don’t say “Hi”
You exist but you’re not here


Vilnius social club is a non-governmental organization which aims to diminish social exclusion and to strengthen connections between people by using social and educational support. 

Why are we here?

We believe that everybody has a right to be noticed. We create possibilities for people to meet and to share. All interactions are honest, regardful and promoting growth. We do care about life story of every child and young person who trusts us. 

Main activities

Football programme. We invite children and teenagers to attend free of charge football trainings. We use football as a tool for people to grow and become stronger.

Street based youth work. Social workers visit regularly places where young people gather in Naujininkai neighborhood in Vilnius and offer social and educational assistance.

How do we work?

Orientation in needs. We observe environment and people. We always ask ourselves, if our activities are useful for people we work with.

Respect. We respect other people’s choices even if we disagree. We accept people the way they are.

Relationship. We create reliable, straight and honest relationship with others. We believe that trustful relationship can heal, but it takes time. Therefore, all our activities are personal and long-term.

Passion. All Vilnius social club members like their job. It is important that everyone finds his own place in the team.

Professionalism. We take care of the quality of activities, we pay attention to our employees’ and volunteers’ competences.

Cooperation. We can’t save the world and solve all problems on our own. We cooperate with others to create the network of professionals working in the field.


Please find more information about Vilnius social club work in 2017-2018 Annual report.



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