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Life stories

Darius: “I was surprised that children do care if I came or not”.

Darius joined Vilnius social club youth team three years ago. In 2017 he also joined volunteers of Vilnius social club football programme: each Tuesday he trains 11-15 y.o. youngsters.

Darius is honest: “It’s good to feel that children listen to me and my opinion matters to them.” He remembers those negative emotions and complains from children when he skipped the match. Kids were really disappointed: “Why did you skip the match if you promised to come?”.

Darius favourite part in training is discussion circle before and after each workout: “In the beginning I didn’t understand what the point of those discussions is? I was not used to share my feelings and thoughts with others. But now I learned to share and express my thoughts and it really helps in daily life, for example at the meeting in foster home”. Football programme helped Darius to cope with anxiety when it comes to expressing his opinion or solving conflicts. While training children he tries to teach them to be open-minded and brave to share their thoughts and feelings.

Being and empathetic person, Darius understands children who are in difficult situations and who are not successful in playing football. He had complicated childhood himself: when he was ten years old, he lost his dad, and after some time, due to the difficult conditions in his family, he moved to a foster home. Those who know Darius would agree that he is a very good-hearted person with good sense of humour.

We are happy Darius has joined our team! This makes us believe that Vilnius social club does important work, making people take responsibility and change their lives.   


Valdemaras: “I am free to choose the way to go”.

Valdemaras joined Vilnius social club football programme three years ago. During all those years in Vilnius social club he skipped only 3 trainings!

Valdemaras lived in a foster home for ten years – his mother died and he never met his father. Also, he lost some of his friends because of different priorities. “One can choose the way to go: straight, twisted or to nowhere”.  I don’t want to mess it up and go nowhere, so I try to keep myself fit, eat healthy food and avoid alcohol. Football helps me to follow my path, which is between twisted and straight”, – Valdemaras says.

Valdemaras joined Vilnius social club football programme after some experience in clubse “Vetra” and “Zalgirietis”. From the very beginning he felt that in Vilnius social club something is different. “I am excited that here we build relations. It’s not only about playing football. We start and end our meetings by sitting in a circle and talking about our feelings and sharing our thoughts.  You can’t skip it by saying “I am ok”. We receive lots good advices from Cedric, he helps us to improve ourselves. I learned to control my emotions, became less cynical, also now I try to keep my promises. Sometimes its difficult to manage anger: when  new players joined our team this year, they were useless in a game, so we felt annoyed at the beginning. However, after several workouts I started to be patient to them”. In 2017 Valdemeras joined “Western Union” football team.

Valdemaras says that the most important for him is family and relationship. He has lived with his girlfriend for two years. She supports him and motivates him to move forward.

Thank you very much, Valdemaras, for being part of Vilnius social club!


Artūras: “Football workouts and relationship with Cedric give self-confidence and inner courage”.nuotrauka-prie-sekmes-istorijos

It wasn’t hard to find a success story. If we ask our volunteers who was the most memorable child, they would answer “Artūras”. If we ask “why”, they would say that he attended football workouts from the beginning, he have never missed a workout, he achieved good results and passed all the age groups, as well as he will continue to go for the forth season to football school. As we can see from the talk with Artūras and social worker Giedrė, we have the feeling that he is a special though simple child who pursues his dreams.


“I like football”, – it was the first sentence of Artūras. He explained how he used to play football in a yard though he didn’t know the rules. It was unnecessary to know the rules because football was just for fun.When he came to the football workout, he was encouraged by social worker Giedrė of foster home “Gilė” in Vilnius to attend football workouts at Cedric’s “Vilnius Social Club”. Currently he goes to two football clubs – “Vilnius Social Club” and “Žalgirietis”. Artūras says that without football his life would be boring and he feels that he could play until his legs falls off.

As for motivation, Artūras says that he likes to communicate with Cedric and other volunteers. “I like being there because they don’t pressure me and I don’t feel any critic. If I make mistakes, they still praise me and explain how it should be done. Cedric is more than a coach, volunteers Mantas and Benas are always happy, they are good in playing football. Certainly social worker Giedrė always encourages me, gives me new balls because they often wear out.

According to Giedrė, communication in “Vilniaus Social Club” is simple because everybody has two common interests – football and understanding. “I always know how children are doing, Cedric rapports me the situation in “Vilnius Social Club” and understands when there’re some difficulties.”

Artūras says that football workouts and relationship with Cedric give self-confidence and inner courage. “I like playing there and I will play there this year. Now it is much easier to play in “Žalgirietis”.” In his future, he would like to pursue his dream to become a coach and to study in Vilnius educational university. To achieve his purpose, he has many things to do, nevertheless he has faith in himself and doesn’t doubt in his decision.

So where is his success? “Loyalty” – was the most frequent word said about Artūras. He is loyal to “Vilnius Social Club”, loyal to his goals, loyal to his friends, loyal to football. Loyalty is linked to responsibility. Artūras is capable of making long-term decisions and this shows his maturity. We can conclude this success story with our social worker Giedrė’s words about Artūras : “Artūras is a talented young man and he knows how to use his talent.”