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We create conditions for children and teenagers who suffer from social isolation to attend football workouts free of charge. Attending these workouts not only improve their physical skills but also social ones. Currently, we have 80 members from 7 to 20 years old. Classes take place in 5 different age groups.

Vilnius social club is different from other sports schools. We set the same conditions for all children to grow as personalities despite their social status. The main purpose is the life-changing experience and not the sports results.

In 2018 Vilnius social club became one of 20 organizations throughout all of Europe, the 1st in Lithuania, to receive the UEFA Foundation for Children award. Vilnius Social Club received 50,000 EUR donation for long-term high-quality work with children and youth.

More about Vilnius social club football programme in 2017-2018 annual report.


How do we function?

Football is a way to help young people to grow. We provide a long-term and regular activity for children and teenagers who have difficulties in communication, lack social skills, have low self-confidence. Children learn to come and leave on time, to play in a team, to control emotions, resolve stressful and conflicting situations. They learn how to win and how to lose, how to communicate with others.

Everyone is equal. We believe that sports should be democratic. We create a place to play football for girls and boys, quiet or talkative, weak or strong, children of different background, nationalities and skills.  

Empowering performance. We constantly reflect our work and we understand the limits of our responsibility. The well being of our children and teenagers depend not only on us but also on our partners. Even though we seek social work goals, we avoid taking over responsibilities from our partners. Instead of calling ourselves “world savers”, we choose to provide feedback to our partners and encourage mutual reflection.

Timetable of the trainings

Group Age Day Time Place
1 7 – 9 y. Saturday 9:00 – 11:00 VGTU sports hall
2 10 – 14 y. Saturday 12:30 – 14:30 VU sports hall
3 11 – 15 y. Tuesday 15:45 – 17:45 VU sports hall
4 15 – 18 y. Saturday 14:30 – 16:30 VU sports hall
5 10 – 14 y. Thursday 17:00 – 19:00 Vilnius Liepkalnis School


Football class structure

  1. Arrival, informal communication with couches and teammates.
  2. The circle of start and sharing: how do I feel now? How am I?
  3. Warming up and various activities helping to improve physical skills.
  4. Football.
  5. The circle of reflection, where everyone shares thoughts about the class and express feelings.

The circle of reflection is one of the most important parts of the class as at this time children and youngsters learn to recognize and express their emotions and feelings, understand the consequences of the specific behavior and get a chance to get to know themselves and teammates better.


There are two coaches and 10-13 volunteers working with children and youngsters. Some coaches and volunteers are stronger in football, others – in working with children with difficulties and that is the key to ensuring the variety of personalities and competencies in our team. There are also volunteers who have never had any of these experiences. The team of coaches consists of men and women, Lithuanians and foreigners. We believe that that kind of diversity grant additional opportunities for children and teenagers to improve themselves and encourage cultural openness.


Please find the list of partners in the column Partners.

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