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Vilnius social club 5th season: annual report 2017-2018

2018 10 12

In 5th season Vilnius social club team worked with more than 100 children and youngsters who face social exclusion and other difficulties. Although there were many challenges, both football programme and street based youth work program have grown stronger. Additionally, we’ve finally found our home in Naujininkai area. We are glad to present you Vilnius social club Annual report 2017-2018. Enjoy!

Why donate 2% of the income tax to Vilnius Social Club?

2018 09 04

If you pay taxes in Lithuania, you can donate 2% of your income tax to Vilnius Social Club. Vilnius Social Club team has been working with children and young people since 2013. We started from free of charge football trainings for children facing various difficulties (poverty, neglection etc.). In 2017-2018 more than 60 kids and youngsters attend Vilnius Social Club football programme.  We apply football for social work purposes, aiming at positive change in their lives In 2016 our team has launched social streetwork programme in Naujininkai which aims at establishing trustful relationships with young people suffering from social isolation and Plačiau

Scottish football fans donate £5000 to Vilnius Social Club

2017 11 07

On 1st of September “Vilnius Social Club” youngsters played football with football fans from Scotland. The teams met on a football pitch to celebrate generous donation.  In December, 2017, “Vilnius Social Club” received message from unknown person, Craig Couper, who introduced himself as member of charity organisation Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal, Scotland. Craig told that since 2003 he and his fellows football fans travel with the Scotland football team around the world and donate money to local charity organisations. In 2017 Tartan Army Sunshine Appeal donated £5000 to “Vilnius Social Club”. We are grateful to Lithuanian Football Federation for recommending Plačiau

Annual report 2016-2017

2017 09 19

“Vilnius Social Club” team is happy to present 2016-2017 Annual report in English. Here you will find information about Vilnius social club Football school, Social streetwork programme, Football marathon, and Financial report. You can download it here – 2016-2017 report