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Street based youth work – it is the long-term programme that aims at establishing a trustful relationship with kids and young people facing social exclusion and provide them with comprehensive social and educational help. This programme is for 12 – 20 years old youngsters living in Naujininkai neighborhood.


The main activities of the programme

Street-based youth work –  the programme is carried out by two social workers who regularly (3-4 times per week) visit gathering places of young people in Naujininkai, talking to them and providing them social help in their environment. Since September 2016, social street workers have established relations with ~80 children and young people in the streets, working both individually and in groups.  

Young people consulting – we consult and support youngsters facing difficult situations. Sometimes we direct and accompany them to the other organizations providing specialized services. Our social workers may help youngsters during the time of difficulties in the family or school or at any other situation where the help is needed.

Work with the groups – when the stronger relationship between social workers and youngsters is established common activities are being organized: small trips, hikes, camps, youth exchange. This is not only used for having a nice time but also for youngsters to learn something new.

Mobile football workshops – Vilnius Social Club streetworkers and football coaches organize football workshops in the street. Mobile football trainings take place at least once a week in various outdoor sports grounds in Naujininkai, they are opened for everyone. Those children and youngsters who do not like football have opportunity to play other games with social workers and volunteers. 


We care about

Relationship. When we meet young people in the streets we seek to introduce ourselves clearly explaining who we are and what we do. We believe that successful communication and trustful relation can only happen in a respectful relationship between workers and youngsters. It is important not to “push” them for a change but to be there when they are ready.

Network. Our team collaborates with lots of different organizations and institutions that contribute to wealth creation for youth. It is important for us to collaborate directly and that is the reason why we always seek to understand their work, look for common acting opportunities. The list of our partners may be found here.


Team contacts here.